• We change behaviors
    with marketing tools.

    You see a coffee mug. We see an item of encouragement, a tool of motivation, a mobile billboard, and a way to change human behavior, cure diseases, and spread awareness.

    Corporate and nonprofit clients love our recognition programs. They use proven pre-event marketing techniques and creative and meaningful thank you gifts to increase fundraiser levels by as much as 29%.

  • Manage a fundraising event?

    Check out our Nonprofit Tools blog.

    Here, author and Turnkey’s CEO Katrina VanHuss shares her thoughts on how to KEEP previously committed fundraisers onboard when it’s time to do the work. To learn more, read “How to Keep “Gonna Do” Fundraisers Committed in the Present.”

  • Giving is motivated by mission.
    Or is it? 

    Turnkey’s recent incentive program research suggests that personal relationships may be a greater motivator, and when the mission is leveraged and marketed a certain way, nonprofits can realize a dramatic increase in donation levels. To learn more, download our research titled “How Fundraiser-directed Communications Impact Donor Activity.”


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CEO Katrina VanHuss discusses what makes Turnkey special.

Watch a recent interview with Turnkey’s CEO, Katrina VanHuss.   

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