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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of
the holidays – enter to win a fantastic gift for yourself instead! We will be giving away a Bose headphone set, a Cobra two way radio, and a Grandfather wall clock to three lucky Facebook fans. As an added bonus, each lucky winner will also receive 10% off any product order of $1000 or more*.


  1. You must be a Turnkey fan to win.
  2. Answer only ONE question correctly and your name is automatically entered to win.
  3. All three winners will be announced on December 29.


If Turnkey Promotions has 225 fans by December 24, EVERY fan is entered to win a Ghirardelli gift basket! Share this page and increase your chances to win.


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  1. In our latest video posted to our YouTube Channel, our hero finds a “donation” in an unusual place. Where was this donation found?
  2. Our nonprofit blog is chock full of information to help Nonprofit Event Managers succeed. In September of this year, Tracy gave you an idea to "Get Your Fundraisers Pumped Up." What "play" number did she reference in this post?
  3. Turnkey’s logomall has everything from the unusual to the ordinary. Each product is designed to get your brand noticed. There are lots of great corporate gift ideas, too. Our product #10853 is a holiday treat sure to please. What is it?
  4. Turnkey Promotions has been officially declared a Minority and Woman Owned Business (WBE Certified). Yep. We even posted a news release about it. What date was that news release published?
  5. Our Fan page features a Hot Pick by a hot babe. She even has her own tab. What’s the Hot Picks babe’s name?

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*10% discount to be applied to product order of $1000 or more. Sorry, we can’t offer you cash instead of the product discount. We can get you a date with a certain red head if you like.

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