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2009 News (What a Great Year!)
Read Turnkey CEO's new blog post, Me, Dud the Rooster and Frances the Chicken, We’re All Noticing the Changes
VanHuss recalls growing up on the farm and reflects on the changes she has noticed in her father and in business. Read more.
Read Turnkey CEO's new blog post, Pickle Tradition and POT Tees – Happy Holidays from Turnkey Promotions
I think the Christmas Pickle is a long-revered tradition. I’ve only known about it for about two years. Here’s how it works... read more.
Share your holiday tradition and earn a Pickle Ornament T-Shirt!
That's right. Your own POT (Pickle Ornament T-Shirt). Supplies limit, visit our Facebook Fan Page today!
This Holiday Season Shop Our Turnkey Logomall for Great Personal or Corporate Gifts
A great place for corporate or personal gifts. Learn more.
Turnkey Promotions CEO to Speak at RWRFC in Dallas
VanHuss to Share Incentive Program Research in Panel Discussion and Debate. Read more.
Read our new blog post, An Untraditional Story of Thanks
Turnkey CEO writes about giving thanks after a long journey... of frustration. Read more.
New Turnkey blog post, Where Does Forgiveness Fit? My Lawyer Uses a "Different Kind of Accounting"
"My lawyer says it fits prominently, though he arrives at that answer via what feels like a different kind of accounting..." read more.
Read CEO's new blog post, My Non-profit Friends: Come, Be Next to People Who Feel Your Pain
"If you are responsible for a non-profit walk, run, or ride program, try the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Conference March 3 and 4 in Dallas..." read more.
Turnkey Promotions and Virginia Special Olympic Torch Run Partnership Hits Close to Home
CEO, Parent to Down Syndrome Young Adult, Says Law Enforcement Officers’ Efforts Make a Personal Difference. Read more.
New Turnkey blog post, Ponies and Life Lessons
"Let me tell you about the day my cousin’s pony ran over her little brother." Read CEO's blog post Ponies and Life Lessons.
Read Turnkey CEO's new blog post, Change Your Expectation and Positively Impact Your Non-profit's Mission
"Currently, many participants really believe that if they show up they have done something to cure something. To really make an impact..." read more.

Turnkey to Provide Service to American Cancer Society DetermiNation™ Program
Turnkey announced that it will provide a nationwide fundraising incentive program for the ACS DetermiNation™ initiative. Read more.

Read Turnkey CEO's new blog post, One Home Many Hopes: A Fleet of Kayaks, Turning on a Dime

"Every once in a while a client comes along who makes you forget ..." read OHMH: A Fleet of Kayaks, Turning on a Dime.
Good luck to our friends at OHMH. Breaking Ground campaign launches today
Read about Turnkey and OHMH's virtual partnership.
Turnkey Founder, Katrina VanHuss asks, So, What Stands in Your Way?
So, What Stands in Your Way? "One of the ways we come up with new ideas is by listening to our clients complain. Whatever is bugging..." read post.
Turnkey Converts Best Practices to Online Campaign for Kenyan Organization
Turnkey Promotions: Making a Difference, Virtually. Read more.
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Fundraiser Leaves Economic Worries in the Dust, Races to More Than $1.2 Million for Fight Against Breast Cancer
15% Increase over 2008 Exceeds Expectations for Susan G. Komen Affiliate. Read More.
Fruit Flys. This is Primarily a Business Blog, But…
Turnkey Founder and CEO Katrina VanHuss new blog post.
NPR Study Finds Non-profit CEO Salaries Are Up
Turnkey Founder and CEO Katrina VanHuss new blog post.
Today, I Have Been in Business Longer Than...
Turnkey Founder and CEO Katrina VanHuss new blog post.
Did You Say "Giant Ice Cream Cone Hat"?
Turnkey Promotions launches e-commerce store... read more…
An Adult Job 20 Years in the Making
Turnkey Founder and CEO Katrina VanHuss new blog post.


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