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You and people like you...who all need a little Turnkey Goodness.
Our clients are “corporate” and “nonprofit” but we don’t like to put labels on the ones we love. In the end, they all want the same Turnkey Goodness.
Our corporate clients include hospitals, financial institutions, retail establishments, and even service pros who want to increase sales, motivate, and reward people. Sometimes they need to say, in a very effective way, "we're really sorry for our service failure.” We help with that.

Our nonprofit clients use walk, ride, or other participant events to boost their fundraising income. Our proven product incentive programs help them recruit, retain, and recognize the participant fundraisers. We also do wicked tee shirt programs for their events. We have a soft spot in our hearts for nonprofits.

Below are some of our success stories. It’s like showing pictures of our kids - we just can’t help gushing over these precious darlings. We’ve got lots of stories to share. Contact us and we'll do just that.


"Our staff morale is down, we've had layoffs, pay cuts, and there's morbid news every night on TV. Make us happy."

We said "Fight back the negativism!" We provided:

  • Staff appreciation gifts that made them feel important and valued
  • A unique way to say “We can make it through this together!"
  • A moment of comradeship and laughter in a time of doubt and pain

"Times are tough. Let's hope our nonprofit event makes LAST year's numbers."

We delivered a program for a well-known national organization that:

  • Enabled the nonprofit to surpass last year's fundraising dollars by 17%, and the numbers are still coming in
  • Saw an additional 5,000 participants (dressed in pink) at the event
  • Transported one of our favorite clients to such a happy place

"My company doesn't stand out from the competition. Help!"

We delivered a market analysis and direct mail solution that highlighted the company’s main point of distinction in an amazingly clever way. Contact us. We’d love to tell you about it. (Oh and, damn we’re good!) Our client’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

"I need 200 hats for the boys in the back."

We sold them to him. The guys liked the hats. Everybody smiled.

Turnkey Promotions Clients

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